Curriculum Support

Customization of Curriculum

Providing support for customization of curriculum is a service we deliver. Helping new faculty to write lesson plans and exams can relieve some of the stress and anxiety often felt during the first few months of teaching. Not only can we offer mentoring for new faculty, we can help faculty prepare classroom management activities.

Standardizing curriculum across multiple campuses often is difficult. We can customize faculty materials and instructor guides which will support the faculty to manage the classroom and clinical activities resulting in great student and faculty successes.

Publisher's Products and Resources

Use of publisher's resources can benefit educational strategies. New faculty often do not know where to locate resources that can help them in the classroom and clinical.  Having curriculum support for new faculty as well as helping experienced faculty to understand what is available through publishers can assist to make the classroom alive and interactive. Use this attached PowerPoint as an orientation to new faculty and as a review for experience teachers. Incorporation of Publisher's Products/Resources into Nursing Curriculum.

Allied Health Curriculum

Subject matter experts are ready to help with allied health curriculum needs as well. This includes medical assisting, nursing assisting, respiratory therapy, patient care technicians, home health aides, surgical technology, etc. We can help schools meet accreditation requirements and structure learning activities that result in student success.