Intellistem Writer Box Edition

A great tool for Writing NCLEX-Style Questions

IntelliStem Writer Box Edition

Use of innovative tools can help the instructor to ensure test security, meet testing standards, and cut development time. Creating sound multiple choice and multiple select test questions can take up to an hour for each question if creating them without the use of a test bank, which often can be found online, or publisher resources. Intellistem Writer Box Edition is an innovative method of developing test items using a standardized set of stems.

  • Each stem is associated with testing and curriculum standards such as the AACN Essentials, NLN End of Program standards, NCLEX-Client Needs, QSEN Competencies, and the nursing process.
  • Each stem also has a predetermined level of Blooms to aid in meeting the course’s test blueprints and objectives.
  • Since each stem is unique and easily revised it allows many versions of multiple questions and multiple select questions to be developed.

After each test is developed, the exam can shows exactly which levels of testing and curriculum standards have been met to add in quick revision of the exam to meet the course’s and program’s requirement. Test versions can be adjusted rapidly resulting in reduce need to use exams repeatedly thus ensuring students are assessed at the level needed to pass the licensure exam.

 Question Development Process:

  1. Select a topic from your test blueprint.
  2. Determine the key point to be tested.
  3. Keeping in mind the nursing process being tested and select a stem from the set of cards under that nursing process.
  4. Add a client situation or description to the stem by changing the colored text.
  5. Decide on the answer(s) and write the rationale.
  6. Write the distractors and rationales for each.

Intellistem Writer Box Sample Cards

Since each stem is already aligned with established standards, each final question will have a stem that is aligned to established standards, the correct answer(s) and believable distractors.


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